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FileTrack Features

Here are just a few of the features that make FileTrack the faster, easier and more accurate way to convert data on the AS/400:
  • Multiple File Types - FileTrack will work with externally or non-externally described AS/400 files.  The system even works with files from other hardware platforms once loaded on the AS/400 in its native EBCDIC format.
  • Flexible Data Mapping Options - FileTrack's multiple data mapping options give you great flexibility in defining how data is moved between files.   Mapping definitions can be simple (field moves, constant fills) or complex (conditional evaluations, numeric calculations) and can even be tailored for unique conversion situations.
  • Automatic Conversion Program Generation - From its data mapping definitions, FileTrack automatically generates data conversion programs, relieving you of tedious coding details and allowing you to concentrate on more important conversion issues.
  • Many-to-One File Conversions - FileTrack can join data from multiple input files to fill data in a single output file. 
  • Project Documentation - System reports let you easily access, share and review conversion information.  In addition, FileTrack's notes feature lets you include key information directly within a conversion definition to help ensure important conversion details are not missed.
  • Conversion Streams - Conversion streams allow you to group multiple files (along with non-FileTrack commands) into one conversion job.  Using conversion streams, you can build entire system conversions that can be run, and repeated, in a single step.
  • Testing Tools - FileTrack's file override feature lets you run conversions in a test environment before running them against your production files.   You can easily repeat conversions on a subset of your data to more quickly and accurately test your results.  In addition, system reports let you review and analyze your conversion definitions without having to read through pages of program code.
  • Conversion Templates - For system integrators who perform repeated conversions to the same packaged software, conversion templates can eliminate redundant research and conversion work.  Templates can be tailored to any packaged software system and provide a blueprint to guide you through the details of a conversion job. 
  • Import/Export - FileTrack's import and export facilities let you move conversion definitions between FileTrack systems.  Ideal for consultants and system integrators, you can start conversion work on your home system and run final conversions at a client site.

To get more detailed information about FileTrack or request a free trial version of the software, please visit our Request Info page.


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